How do we create a Century of Compassion?

YOU can help to create a Century of Compassion! There are four basic principles required to help make this possible. They are to think of and treat all people with kindness, respect, empathy, and compassion (The Core Four). The principles are simple, but the practice can be challenging. The key is to treat all people with kindness, respect, empathy, and compassion – even people you don’t see eye to eye with.

This includes people of every race, creed, color, age, class, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, political affiliation, ability, and body type – ALL people.

We affirm and promote these ideals of kindness, respect, empathy, and compassion, for all, but we demand them from no one. We simply hope to spread them through our own positive actions.

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Here are some additional thoughts and ideas on The Core Four and a century of compassion:

We need to condition ourselves to see everyone as worthy of our love and respect, and as whole human beings equal to and similar to ourselves. This way, when we are faced with conflict we approach the situation with a sense of calm and a desire to reach a solution that appeals to everyone. We can make this world a better place one relationship and one interaction at a time.

Imagine a world without child abuse. If all parents and caregivers could learn to respect children’s bodies and minds, to be empathetic to their emotions, compassionate towards their suffering, and treat them with kindness, then a world without child abuse is possible. Spread the word about kindness, respect, empathy and compassion for all (The Core Four) and together we can create a brighter future.

Some people think words don’t matter. They think the ways we treat one another don’t matter. At Century of Compassion we feel differently. We believe that changing the world for the better begins with human beings thinking about and treating one another better. Human rights and equality start with respecting all people and grow from empathizing with others, having genuine compassion for their suffering, and working to relieve that suffering.

Whether you realize it or not, if you are simply living a good life as a kind and caring person then you are a force for positive change in the world. Our world is changed through a million small acts, and the small acts of kindness and compassion that you do every day add up to something. You are the change we all want to see in the world. So, you be you. Go you!

Remember to extend compassion and kindness back to yourself. We have to take care of ourselves in order to be of service to others.

So often, we underestimate the effect our words and actions can have on others, in both positive and negative ways. Don’t undervalue yourself. You are more powerful than you know. Own your power. And know that your words and actions matter. Use your power for good. Today and every day.

How many people would need to subscribe to the ideals of Century of Compassion and The Core Four before we might start to make some serious changes in our society? How many before we could reduce child abuse? How many before we could reduce or stop sexual harassment? How many before we put an end to mass shootings? Etc. Every person who pledges to treat everyone with respect, empathy, compassion, and kindness makes a difference, but what’s the tipping point for substantial and sustained social change? One million? 10 million? 100 million?

Rise to meet each day with the knowledge that it’s a brand new opportunity to be the self you long to be!

Though we can’t always change all of the bad things that happen in the world, we always have the chance to improve things for those around us. You make a difference!

Look for good and kindness in others. It is there. Life might have taught them to hide these traits, but they are always there. All humans are born compassionate, empathetic, and caring beings capable of giving and receiving love.

Our world will never know peace until we all learn to respect one another and extend our circles of empathy and compassion to include all people.

Hold those you love close to your heart. It’s a tough world and they need you. Yet leave enough room in your heart for everyone.