What would a century of compassion look like?

Imagine a brighter future. One in which all people the world over are treated equally and in which people could work out their differences without war, murder, or genocide. Our philosophy is based upon the principle that if we all feel true compassion for one another then we cannot possibly harm one another.

The key to bringing Century of Compassion to fruition is to continue to expand our feelings of compassion to all people. This, plus a few other simple ingredients are enough to tip our world toward greater prosperity and peace.

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Century of Compassion has taken on a few different structures over the years, but the dream of a century guided by compassion has lived on. It all started waaay back near the turn of the century in 2004 with a simple concept by our founder, Matthew Vasko (you can learn more about Matthew on his website here). Essentially, the idea was to promote compassion with the hopes that it might help shape a brighter future for our young century.

Over time, Matthew’s friends and loved ones convinced him to turn his idea into a nonprofit organization. A Board of Directors was formed, papers were filed, and the nonprofit was founded in June of 2005. The mission of the nonprofit was to spread compassion through service. So, the organization took on holding monthly volunteer events to encourage volunteerism and acts of compassion.

The nonprofit and its volunteer events ran strong until 2010, when the organization’s founding members started having families. This shifted priorities for the members and late that year the organization folded.

From 2010 until now, Century of Compassion has continued as a non-business entity, always existing in some form – as a social media page or a website. Presently, Century of Compassion continues as this website, its blog, and various social media presences entitled “It Matters How We Treat One Another.”

Stay tuned for the continuing evolution of Century of Compassion!