Tolerance Quotes

Tolerance is the ability to allow others to be themselves and exist peacefully as they are. It does not mean that we necessarily agree with them, but it does mean that we all can exist peacefully with one another. Acceptance quotes are included here as they pertain to the idea of accepting difference.

“Tolerance isn’t about not having beliefs. It’s about how your beliefs lead you to treat people who disagree with you.” -Timothy Keller

“Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself.” -Robert Green Ingersoll

“Racism is a scourge upon our great nation. The United States must work to educate our citizens to have tolerance and respect for all people. Diversity is part of what makes our nation great and we should honor and cherish it.” -Anonymous

“Parents and schools should place great emphasis on the idea that it is alright to be different. Racism and all the other ‘isms’ grow from primitive tribalism, the instinctive hostility against those of another tribe, race, religion, nationality, class, or whatever. You are a lucky child if your parents taught you to accept diversity.” -Roger Ebert