It’s Great to be Back!

After a nearly eight year hiatus it is an absolute joy to have the Century of Compassion website up and running again. Thank you for visiting! Although the spirit of CofC has been alive through volunteer work and classes being taught on empathy, compassion, tolerance, and respect, the larger infrastructure of the organization has been lacking as I took off several years to help my boy/girl twins get a good start in life.

Now, I am returning to focusing upon the larger mission of the organization, more invigorated and charged up than ever. With the launch of our new website and the RECK Pact Page on Facebook, I hope to usher in a new vitality to Century of Compassion and see it finally fulfill its true potential.

Please keep checking back in the coming weeks and months. I plan to continue to add more content to the site and rebuild the organization itself.

Many thanks,

Matthew Vasko, Founder and CEO, Century of Compassion

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